Infants of Dunwoody

& Dunwoody Academy

Our Philosphy

Children are the heart of Infants of Dunwoody & Dunwoody Academy. From the layout of the classrooms to the way teachers engage the children, every aspect of our day is designed to provide children from birth to five the opportunity and developmentally appropriate experiences  to learn the cognitive, social, physical, and language skills they need. Our educational philosophy is guided by five principles.




Over 25 years of experience  preparing children for success in the most prestigious private schools in Atlanta.

Partnering with Families

The nurturing community of Infants of Dunwoody and Dunwoody Academy incorporates and supports parents and teachers as well as their children, helping build the relationships that are at the core of each child’s success. Children thrive when families and teachers develop real partnerships. Excellent communication and an open-door policy build a strong connection between home and school. We are committed to providing the resources, support, and encouragement children need to succeed.

Georgia Pre-K Program

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